What if there was a way of accessing untapped Emotional Analytics to enhance your public engagement, whilst simultaneously rewarding your audience with an interactive, immersive experience that produces personalised, social media friendly outputs?


About Us

Visualogical is a disruptive public engagement agency that harnesses the power of art, science and technology to generate unprecedented Emotional Analytics. We activate this data to empower institutions and companies of all sizes to create effective public outreach and make bottom-up, data-driven decisions with their audiences at the forefront. Our symmetrical model of public engagement is informed by the public, for the public and creatively facilitated by our interdisciplinary, curatorial expertise. 

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Our Founders


Natasha Gertler studied the Communication of Science at Imperial College London.

Natasha uses her Physics degree and curatorial training from Goldsmiths to inform her continued exploration of the intersection between Art, Science and Technology. She has curated interdisciplinary exhibitions and displays at The Science Museum, The Courtauld Gallery, Blyth Gallery and beyond.

Victoria Westerman studied the Science of Communication at Central Saint Martins. 

Victoria’s background as a visual researcher and instigator of community art workshops has lead to her specialising in extracting emotional data from people and designing systems of enhanced communication. She has collaborated with CERN, Cambridge University and established workshops at the Cavendish Labs, Tate Modern and beyond.

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Art Night 2018
July 2018

Visualogical the workshop, an immersive art lab carrying out our digital experiment to extract visual data from the public about the concept of ‘home’, the curatorial theme of the festival.


Mindshare: Huddle
Nov 2018

“The New Era Of Influence” - Mindshare’s annual flagship event, Huddle explores the future of media and social tech.

Unruly Future Home
July 2018

Selected to present Visualogical to an exclusive group of technology experts, including Will.I.Am, Atom Bank, BBC Click, Tesco Labs and The Sunday Times, as an innovative and creative way of using A.I. for emotional data collection.

IAB: Nonference
November 2018

“Emotions As Art, Science & Superpower” - Interactive conference on the future of tech within our lives and the media.


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