Art Night 2018

London’s largest free contemporary arts festival 

7th – 8th July 2018 

In association with the Hayward Gallery, Visualogical was selected to transform the Battersea Power Station Studios into an immersive, interactive art lab that harnesses the power of group collaboration and artificial intelligence to produce collective art.

Visualogical utilised word association, archetypal symbolism, colour psychology and machine learning to hack into participants’ subconscious and allow them to visually illustrate what the notion of ‘home’ – the overarching curatorial theme festival – means to them. This gave each participant the unique opportunity to walk away with their very own Psyche Selfie, free from external influences and politically charged pressures, aiming to empower people with a greater sense of identity. 

Our concept of ‘home’ is continually evolving and with ever increasing globalisation and digitalisation perhaps now more than ever. As such, after each workshop there was the opportunity for discussion between participants to stimulate critical thinking of the concept of ‘home’ and to reflect on what this means as part of a wider context and society. Moreover, once Art Night was completed the large amount of visual data gathered from this artistic experiment was then analysed and published, providing a visual snapshot into what ‘home’ means to people, to be drawn on as an informative resource in the future.



“One of the integral elements of Art Night is to engage audience participation and facilitate collective experiences. Visualogical’s interactive workshop fulfilled both of these aims by giving the public a digital platform to create their own artwork individually and in groups. The project was accessible and engaged a broad demographic from families with children to young people and regular Art Night goers. A huge success on delivering a complex event at a very high standard in one of the festival’s main locations!”