November 2017

In response to the newly formed connection between Central Saint Martin’s Art & Science MA (MAAS) the students and CERN community came together in a series of interactions which eventually lead to the CMSxCMS: Entangled exhibition and the ‘Imagining CERN’ symposium.

Leading the visual identity of the campaigns, exhibiting artworks herself and featuring on the symposium panel, Victoria chose primarily to investigate methods to hack into imagination of CERN scientists to highlight the necessity of this tool in advancing the sciences.

“Archetypes of the Atom” was a practice in comparing london based artist’s visual language to that of the Scientists at CERN when dismantling their subconscious musings of an atom’s anatomy. This was the very first rendition of Visualogical before it crossed over to be an interactive digital artworkshop.The artworks are laid out so as to compare the individual visual languages of the artists vs the scientists plus the homogenised archetypal visual language of each group.