IAB: Nonference

Emotions as Art, Science and Superpower

1st November 2018 

Taking place on 1 November 2018 at London’s Tobacco Dock the first event of its kind had over 29 hours of immersive, exhilarating and interactive programming where 800 guests from brands and agencies were encouraged to participate in our range of sessions – ‘don’t take notes take part’.

Visualogical presenting alongside Unruly at the IAB’s inspired – no PowerPoints allowed! – Nonference event. Rather than just discuss, we got the crowd to try out the various new technologies we use to grant us access to our audience’s emotions.

For example: what do your brainwaves look like when you eat insects for the first time?… Using our EEG and visualisation technology, audience members got to answer just that. Thankfully our friends over at Eat Grub provided us with their culinary bug-based expertise to make the experience one they will be going back to for more! A big thank you to everyone involved in such an active and engaging day, what a Nonference!