I, Science

Transforming the science magazine of Imperial College into a platform for cultural exchange

Winter, Spring, Summer 2016-17

I, Science is a multi award winning London-based magazine for science news, events, blogs and features, produced by the post-graduate students on the Science Communication MSci at Imperial College London, the UK’s leading science and technology university.

As Pictures Editor, Natasha took an alternative and unprecedented approach to sourcing images to accompany the articles and put out an open call to all London art students to create original artworks that complement – or challenge – the topics discussed. In doing so, new dimensions and perspectives were brought to the articles, elevating the magazines to a platform for contemporary art and science exchange.

To celebrate the success of this project, Natasha curated an exhibition at Blyth Gallery showcasing the all the artworks alongside their corresponding article, as well as a full public engagement campaign, created by Victoria.

I, Science Magazines: