ISMAR Marine Institute of Italy, Arts Biennale, Venice

May 2022

In collaboration with the boundary pushing Isreali contemporary artist Eyal Gevar and the prestigious Institute of Marine Science, Italy (ISMAR) we are happy to announce the exciting eco inititive project Plastivore.

Plastivore is a humanitarian solution to plastic pollution that operates between borders, and between disciplines. We are pioneering a fully automated 3D-printing machine that consumes plastic waste and transforms it into 3D-printed building blocks used to make temporary housing solutions for displaced communities.

This unprecedented large scale format reflects the gravitas of the plastic crisis, the genuine interdisciplinarity of our innovative solution, and finally the magnitude of real impact our project will have.

For this exhibition we are harnessing the powerful metaphor of a ritual. Through an immersive and interactive experience, visitors will ‘sacrifice’ plastic waste to the Plastivore machine, which will then convert it into 3D-printed building blocks. These building blocks will be continually added to the Plastivore Temple.



COP 25 -The 25th global climat summit – Madrid

We were invited to talk during COP25, the Global Summit on Climate Change 2020. We presented Plastivore as a system of hope in response to displaced communities in our ever changing climate crisis. 



To learn more about the on going research initiative leading up to the Plastvore pavillion’s launch please visit our website: