Tesla’s Mindscape

Cannes Film Festival

25th June 2020

• Trans-Sensory • Immersion-narrative / biopic • Neural-landscaping

Awarded the Cannes Film Festival’s XR Showcase, Tesla’s Mindscape is the first instigation and an audience accessible Earthbound project of an ongoing Space Culture Research Initiative called “Sonofusion” with XR artist Vesna Petresin and Visualogical.

Wade into the subconscious waters of one of the greatest minds in history using XR: As audiences traverse the resonate pools of the space their bodies act as conductive spires translating the vibrations of the opera’s bass into the pervasive emotive undertones of Tesla’s mind. The waters acting as his subconscious convey body-encompassing emotions, whilst the overtones of the opera experienced through the VR headsets rain down from his conscious mind bring a visual narrative that harmonise with the bodily experience of the audience. The audience is free to explore the mindscape as a living time-capsule that responds to their physical location as if they were traversing his neural pathways with the memories of Tesla’s life portrayed in pockets of narrative.

The narrative remains akin to the same way we store memories in our minds; non-linear and emotively orientated. The audience will not be experiencing a curated and fixed story but a personal voyage through Tesla’s personality and life portrayed in the language of the subconscious mind; symbolism, emotion and hyper-connectivity.

View the trailer here